2017 Key Sessions and Topics

  • Oot.14.2017 (Friday)

Hosted by Co-Organizers

  • Fudan University Zhongshan Hospital
  • China Health Promotion Foundation
  • Shanghai Respiratory Research Institute(SRRI)
  • Institute of Respiratory Diseases, Fudan University

Sponsorship and Exhibition Prospectus

The exhibition area in ISRD 2017 will be in the Mandarin Hall of SHICC for maximum exposure to our delegates. By participating in the event as an exhibitor, your organization will get an opportunity to showcase the latest technology, new products and a chance to interact with participants including renowned doctors, researchers and medical professionals from Asia Pacific, USA, Europe and china all in one place.

Should you have any interest in promoting your products and company, please feel free to contact the ISRD 2017 congress secretariat:
IVDS China (Shanghai)
Add: Rm.301.No.425, YishanRoad, Shanghai, P.R.C.,200232
Tel: + 86 21 64879186-8105 Mob: +86 180 1312 2680

E-mail: qingmei.luo@bioon.com


Honorary Chairman
Nanshan Zhong(Guangzhou, China)
Academician, China Academy of Engineering
Chairman, Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Diseases
Director, State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Diseases
Chunxue Bai
Chairman, Shanghai Respiratory Research Institute
Chairman, Department of Pulmonary Medicine
Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University
Scientific Committee Chairman
Xiangdong Wang(Sweden)
Director of Biomedical Research Center, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University
JCBi Chief Editor
Thomas W.Ferkol(USA) President, American Thoracic Society
General Secretary
Yuanlin Song(Shanghai, China)
Researcher, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University
Distinguished Professor, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission
Jian Zhou(Shanghai, China) Shanghai Respiratory Research Institute, Young researcher